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Since she was a young girl, Kris Williams has had a love and interest in history that she likes to blame on her father. So, it was only natural for her to eventually become hooked on genealogy when it was introduced to her by her 4th grade teacher.

At the time her teacher, who had just become interested in genealogy herself, decided to her assign her class of 11-year-old students the challenge of researching their own family. Given a timeline of two weeks to complete the assignment by her teacher, Kris went home and began interviewing her parents and grandparents. Through stories of martyrs, soldiers, immigrants and artists-Kris began a life long obsession of uncovering the secrets of her ancestors.

In 2007, due to her experience in family research and love of history, Kris landed the job as Historical Researcher for the paranormal team featured on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters. For over three years, as the team’s Historical Researcher, she was responsible for researching the history behind each location as well as the people who were believed to be haunting it.

To add to her experience, Kris was fortunate enough to work as an Ancestry.com contributor for over a year. Kris submitted written & video blogs that covered a variety of topics such as, how to get started, breaking through dead ends, historical locations she explored on her travels, odd historical facts and shared her own personal experiences with genealogy.

Today, Kris hopes to pass on the genealogy obsession to a younger generation like her teacher had done for her. Through this site you will find a list of her services, from genealogy research to online workshops as well as blogs written by Kris, other genealogy researchers whose work she respects and the Key to Your Tree community.

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