With over 20 years of experience in family research, Kris Williams specializes in working with genealogy newbies and those who just don’t have the time or patience to research on their own.

Below is some information on the process: why people hire genealogists, the services Kris will provide, getting to know your genealogy goals, along with the agreement and plan of attack.

Why Hire Kris to Research Your Family History?

The main reasons people hire someone to do the research for them are they have no idea where to begin or they just don’t have the time to do it themselves. Other reasons may be that they hit a wall in their research or they just don’t have the ability to travel in order to track down records.

Another common problem Kris has been seeing a lot lately stems from the use of the internet. People get caught up in adding names and generations to their tree, without knowing how to properly analyze the records to make sure the names they are adding are correct. Although the internet is an extremely helpful and useful tool, if you don’t take the time to cross reference, you could find yourself with entire branches that are incorrect.

In order to get your tree as accurate as possible, you can’t rely entirely on the internet. To get the best results, you also need to be able to do the legwork when it is required, which comes down to knowing where to look and having the time to dig. If you don’t have the time to research on your own or you’re unfamiliar and intimidated by the process, that’s where Kris can help.

What Services Will Kris Provide?

In order to help you trace your ancestry as accurately as possible, Kris will search several different sources to obtain information and records.  She will provide you with reports on her findings through pedigree charts and family group sheets.

·      Pedigree Charts: Basic chart that shows your direct ancestry

·      Family Group Sheet: Provides a more in depth look into each family unit on your tree, along with details on each family member

In addition, Kris will provide you with copies of any records and photographs found, reports that will include her conclusions and suggestions on direction of future research, work with you to solve any research problems or roadblocks and provide you with a detailed bill for her services along with any expenses.

Agreement & Plan of Attack

Before any work would begin, a retainer would be required along with a signed agreement between you and Kris which outlines confidentiality and the responsibilities of both parties. The agreement will include your authorization for Kris to proceed as your genealogist as well as cover the agreed upon rate and possible expenses.

Once the agreement has been signed & the retainer received, you and Kris will plan a call through Skype to work together on a plan of attack in reaching your genealogy goal(s). Kris will also be looking to collect any information she can from you about your family in order to get started.

Getting to Know Your Goal

Before Kris could even get started she would need to determine your research goal(s). In order to do this, she would need to know what do you hope to learn, what research has already been done, any information you know about your family as well as any time constraints. Once  a research goal has been established and Kris has been given some basic information about your family, she would then determine if her services would be of help to you.

Rate, Retainer and Possible Expenses

If you are interested in working with Kris, please email her for more information on hourly rate, the required retainer, potential expenses as well as the discounted introductory session for first time clients.

Please be Aware…

Kris’ experience mainly covers research within the United States, however she does have some experience within Canada, Australia and Europe.

Unfortunately Kris does not specialize in adoption or Native roots, however she would be happy to refer you to a genealogist who does. 

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