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“I spent years trying to trace the different branches of my family tree. I ran into unconfirmed rumors, lots of speculation, and too many dead ends to count. In just two sessions, Kris found more info than I had in all of the previous years I spent searching. She was able to uncover documents and photos that even my own family members didn’t have anymore. She was both personable and professional while providing top notch customer service at more than reasonable fees. She will continue to be my family’s go to source for all of our genealogical research needs.”  – Chris, Tennessee

“For anyone considering researching their family tree, I can not say enough good things about my experience working with Kris Williams. Kris knows genealogy! She was an absolute pleasure to work with and was able to provide me with information that several amateur genealogists in the family had not been able to find. She even put more hours in researching than we had agreed on. In short, whether you’re experienced in genealogy research or a novice like me, if you need help-Kris is your girl.” – Joe, Florida


“Kris, I took your Genealogy 101 class last night and I thought it was great. I wasn’t aware of the DNA testing & how you can incorporate that into your family tree. I’m also glad that somebody brought up how to look up old military records. Since my dad spent 2 years in the Navy and 21+ in the Army, it’s very good info to go after. Thanks again, you did a great job!”  – Jim, Pennsylvania

“I recently had a Genealogy Getting Started workshop with Kris Williams via Skype. Before the workshop Kris emailed and explained a little about we would go over and even included the forms we would be covering in the workshop. On the night of the workshop we connected into Skype and got started right on time which is very important to me. Showed she respected my time. Right away I could tell how knowledgeable she seemed on the subject and she was very passionate about it. I have always had an interest in different cultures and a little on family history. She used conversation and stories to cover the subject which was very helpful. She explained very well how and why getting started wasn’t really as scary as some people think. She then explained what each form was for was and how they could aid you in your research. I loved when she said the best way to get started was talking to your family. Kris definably has a lot of knowledge on the subject. She presented the workshop in a very professional manner. I found the workshop extremely interesting and enjoyed learning about the subject. I am looking forward to soon starting my own research and finding out more about my family’s history. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone considering getting started in genealogy.”  – Kevin, Massachusetts

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